wax & wool candles

wax & wool candles

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-Poured by hand in small batches in the Pacific Northwest
-100% soy wax, essential oils and phthalate and paraffin free premium scents for an incredibly clean burn
-Estimated 50-hr burn time

"My soy wax candles are simple and beautiful. I only work with pure white soy wax--never any dyes--and I only use cotton wicks and phthalate and paraffin free scents and essential oils. My goal is to make a beautiful candle that can blend with any room and any décor. Soy wax allows for a very clean burn, leaving a lovely, reusable container behind at the end."- Kjerste (owner and mompreneur)

A note about burning:
For best results, let candle burn at least two hours before extinguishing. This will allow the wax to melt all the way to the edges and result in a cleaner, more efficient burn. Trim your wick before to approximately ¼” before lighting your candle.


Pretty In Pink:
Back by popular demand is our Pretty in Pink candle. Soft floral overtones float over a base of Himalayan Pink Sea Salt. Sweet Jasmine and a hint of musk round out this complex, spa-like scent. A crowd pleaser for sure, and an excellent gift!

Zen Garden:
This bright, fresh scent is the perfect compliment to the other candles in our Spring collection. Lemon Grass and a touch of citrus dance around a heart of jasmine and a hint of musk. This candle is well suited to any room in your home, but we particularly love it in our office where it lends a sense of clarity and invigoration. It’s hard (and perhaps a little unfair) to pick favorites, but we think this just might be the best spring candle yet!

Spring Rain:
Perhaps a more apt name for this one would be Raindrops on Roses. Light and fresh, this candle is all things girly and spring. Floral without being sweet, the scent becomes even more complex when burning. As with all our scents, this candle serves to accent the room it is in while never overpowering it. Spring Rain is the perfect tribute to a world waking up from a long, dark winter.

Brown Sugar & Fig:
Warm and inviting, this is comfort in a candle. Notes of fig meet caramelized brown sugar and a hint of musk. Makes us take a deep breath and say "Ahhhhhhh". Perfect for rainy day reading and cozy evenings in.